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Darrington Village Field Trust
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Darrington Ballon Lady

Chair: Mr John Hoyle. 01977 704619

Feast and Fayre Chair: Mrs Jenna Pinto

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Many residents of Darrington and particularly those new to the area are unaware of who owns and maintains the village field. It is not as many think owned and funded by Wakefield MDC, the Parish Council or the church.

In the 1970’s the field was acquired for the community and set up as a charitable trust for all the residents to use and enjoy.

There are three trustees, myself, Alistair Wilson and Richard Hirst. Day to day management is organised by a committee made up of representatives of various village organisations and members of the public. It is funded from the profit made at the Feast and Fayre. However, grass cutting is paid for from the Parish Council precept.

Whist additions have ben made to the field, there is a need to replace/repair some of the existing play equipment and this could cost in the order of £50,000. We are aware of many generous donations that have been made to other projects in the village that have helped to enhance the local environment and would naturally welcome any financial assistance towards our plans. Alternatively, you may wish to consider leaving a bequest in a will that could help the field continue to thrive in years to come.

John Hoyle


Playtime on the Field


View of the play equipment, mainly designed with our pre school and local junior school children in mind.

An enclosed and relaxed environment for children to let off steam after school away from roads and traffic. A perfect place for a picnic on a sunny afternoon or great place to break a journey with the kids.